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Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance Commercial Auto

Truck Insurance or Commercial Auto Insurance insures you for property damage caused by your trucks. It covers the cost to pay for damages to property and bodily injury you are liable for. At Insure NYC Brokerage we insure all types of trucks. From tractor trailers, straight trucks, vans, pickups, or any automobiles that need to be insured by your business we have you covered.

We offer all the common insurance coverage required by truckers. We insure long haul truckers, package delivery, contractor vehicles, tow trucks, cars used for business, cargo insurance, and any vehicles that require a commercial auto insurance policy.

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Collision Truck Insurance

Typically pays for damage caused to your truck resulting from a covered accident with another car, or a collision with most anything else (such as a tree). Collision insurance pays to repair or replace your truck (up to actual cash value) for damage caused by collision.

Comprehensive Truck Insurance

Typically pays for damage caused to your truck by wind, hail, earthquake, glass breakage, flood, fire, explosion, and vandalism. Collision Truck Insurance provides coverage from theft.

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Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Truck Cargo insurance (Cargo) provides insurance on the commodity or freight hauled by truckers and package delivery operators. It covers your liability for cargo that is damaged or lost due to causes such as collision, fire, and other causes that may damage the cargo you are liable for.

Truck Insurance Experts

At Insure NYC Brokerage we understand the needs of business and truckers. Whether trucks and vehicles are an incidental part of your business or your truck is your business we can help find the best insurance coverage at the most affordable rates to insure your business vehicles. We represent the finest insurance companies and in most cases can quote, bind, and issue insurance ID cards on the same day.

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Towing Costs

Typically provides coverage for necessary towing charges, up to the dollar amount shown on your commercial auto policy, should your truck become disabled.

PIP personal injury protection

Provides coverage for injury, death, loss of services, and loss of income suffered by you, your covered passenengers/employees if the injury occurs in your trucks or vehicles.

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Truck Insurance Quote

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Collision insurance provides coverage for damage to your automobile when it collides with another vehicle, rolls over, or strikes another object. This coverage is usually required when financing or leasing a vehicle. Enter the zip code of where this vehicle is parked when not being used. The liability portion of your co-op insurance covers you for lawsuits for injury or property damage that you or members of your family cause to others. The limit of liability should be enough to cover your assets.